The Ultimate Northern Road Trip Thailand 15D14N

The Ultimate Northern Road Trip Thailand 15D14N

15-Days Northern Thailand Discovery


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The perfect trip is combination for you to enjoy the famous site from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. During the trip from Bangkok,there are many different places and sites for you to see and enjoy. The trip has combine the varieties of ancient temples,lovely Thai culture and the tradition on route,the local life style in Thai’s way, Nature site as the national park and waterfalls such as one of the most popular rafting water bodies at the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, visit and camping atThi Lo Su Waterfall the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand, one in your life experince overnight in the village with a local family in a traditional wooden house and more activity on the route to Chiang Mai.

This is a perfect trip which you could have from Bangkok to Chiang Mai due to the trip gives you different vision on the trip itself. You shouldn’t miss this perfect combination program 15 days 14 nights if you plan to visit in Thailand.



Tour Itinerary: Day: 1-5
Day 1: Bangkok-Ayuthaya- Nakornsawan
  • 08:00am. Pick up at hotel in Bangkok
  • Heading to Ayuthaya
  • First visit Wat Mahathat, What are the chances that the head of a Buddha statue would be found wrapped in a Bodhi tree? This is the fantastic sight you will see at Wat Mahathat, one of the must-visit temples in Ayutthaya. The temple itself is also impressive, with many elegant Khmer-style towers. Back in the Ayutthaya Kingdom, the temple was also an important center of Buddhism, housing many precious relics found during later excavations.
  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet, So beautiful is the architecture of this temple that the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), built later in Bangkok, was modeled after it. The most striking features here are the three grand stupas which hold the ashes of three Ayutthaya kings. Constructed in 1448, it was a royal monastery of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, which held many important ceremonies of that time.
    Wat Lokayasutharam
    Is an impressive and essential place for locals to pay their respects to the Buddha. There, you’ll find an enormous reclining Buddha image statue depicting the Buddha at the time of his death and entering Nirvana, the revered state of nothingness after death central to Buddhism.
  • Wat Yaichaimongkol, This Buddhist temple in Ayutthaya is famous for its enormous, beautiful main chedi and reclining Buddha statue image. It was one of the most important temples of its time, and the complex is truly impressive. You can dive even deeper into its rich history and join the locals in their prayers, making your day trip to Ayutthaya a memorable one
  • Continue to Angthong
  • Visit Wat Tha Sung or the Glass Temple. Step in the temple’s main Chapel and you will find yourself among elaborately decorated glittering hall. Every square inch inside the hall is covered with shiny glass.
  • Visit the largest sitting Buddha image in Thailand at Wat Wat Muang
  • Wat Khun Inthapramun the temple houses one of the largest reclining Buddha images in Thailand measuring 50 meters long. The all white image is believed to date from the Sukhothai era, about 7 centuries ago.
    After lunch at local restaurant
  • Continue trip to Uthaithani for Hup Pa Tat, a large valley stretching over an area of about 48,000 square meters. Part of the lime stone mountain range surrounding the valley is Khao Huai Suk which is connected to Khao Plara Mountain, about 1 kilometers away. The way up to the valley’s Tham Huo Pa Tat cave is covered by a margosa forest. The cave entrance is dark, but after 100 meters walk, you will emerge from the darkness to see the way down into the valley. The surrounding limestone mountain is layered with high cliffs that prevent sunlight from reaching the ground during any time other than midday. The resulting humidity has contributed to a wealth of flora, featuring gigantic shrubs of the genus Excoecarianin that are similar to prehistoric trees.
  • Heading to Nakornsawan province and check in at the hotel
  • Free and easy
  • Overnight Nakornsawan province
Day 2: Nakornsawan-Phitsanulok-Sukhothai
  • 08:00am. after breakfast check out hotel
  • Heading to Phitsanulok
  • Visit Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan a Royal temple dating to the 14th century. The temple is famous for its golden Buddha image named Phra Buddha Chinnarat, considered by many to be the most beautiful Buddha image in Thailand. It is one of the most highly revered images in the country, which makes the temple an important pilgrimage site for Thai Buddhists.
  • Then visit to the Folk Museum (Sgt.Maj.Thawee Folk Museum, Phitsanulok). See the collection of the daily used tools, toys and many things in the old days which now we hardly seen.
  • After the museum, seeing the Buddha image foundry where produce the Buddha images from Brass and Bronze. See the method of making the Buddha images in different sizes step by step till it becomes the most beautiful Buddha images as seen.
  • Lunch in the local restaurant.
  • Continue trip to Sukhothai (The Dawn of Happiness)
  • 04:00pm. Arrival Sukhothai
  • Check in hotel
  • Dinner at local restaurant
  • Overnight Sukhothai
Day 3: A challenge Hike at Ramkhamhaeng National Park
  • After breakfast where you could enjoy with the lovely site of Sukhothai historical park.
    Visit Sukhothai Historical Park ruins are one of Thailand’s most impressive World Heritage sites
  • Wat Mahathat “temple of the Great Relic” the temple was built following the concept of Mandala, an ancient Hindu symbol representing the universe. Was founded by Sri Indraditya, the first King of the Sukhothai empire in the 13th century.
  • Wat Si Sawai one of the oldest temples in Sukhothai founded as a Hindu sanctuary dedicated to Shiva the temple consisted of three prangs, constructed by the Khmer as a Hindu sanctuary dedicated to Shiva
  • Visit the biggest sitting Buddha name “Pra Atjana”. Known by the locals as the talking Buddha which you would know how he could speak after you have seen him yourself. This is also the photo challenge for you to take a picture of him. Due to he is a big Buddha image which you could see only him in the building as we had informed that he is really big and only him that fit in the whole building
  • 11:00am. back to hotel for check out
  • Lunch @ local Thai food restaurant
  • Heading to Khao Luang
  • 01:00pm. arrive Ramkhamhaeng National Park
    Ramkhamhaeng National Park offers a variety of activities for all nature lovers spanning from those craving a peaceful day at Sai Rung Waterfall to the more adventurous seeking a trek to the summit of Khao Luang. Khao Luang sits at 1,200 meters above sea level and to reach the top you must hike a 4-km trail with inclines that can reach a steepness of 70°. The hike typically takes 3-4 hours. During the climb, you will come across numerous signs that remind you how far it is to the next check point so it is extremely easy to keep up with how much further you have left.
  • 03:30pm. approx., we reach the campsite on top you can enjoy nature, camping, beautiful mountains. See the sunset at the Peak of Narai and Phra Mae Ya Mountain.
  • Dinner by self at Campsite on top
  • Overnight Campsite on Ramkhamhaeng National Park
Day 4: Ramkhamhaeng National Park -Maesot Tak
  • 05:30am. Enjoy a sunrise at viewpoint
  • 08:00am. Back to parking
  • Visit Khamphaeng Phet
    Khamphaeng Phet Historical Park a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site which is comprised of a diverse array of ancient monuments. A common aesthetic runs through the various ruins, which include temples, pagodas and fallen towns, resulting in a beautiful blend of contemporary Sukhothai and Ayutthaya styles.
  • Straight to Maesot, Tak Province
  • 04:00pm. arrive Maesot
  • Check in hotel
  • Relaxing
  • Overnight Maesot
Day 5: Mae Sot- Um Phang City
  • Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary Part of the territory covered by the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary is a traditional area of Karen, Hmong, Lisu, Mien and Lahu tribes. The main town – Um Phang (outside of the sanctuary) – is predominantly Karen. There are many hill tribe’s villages scattered in the countryside surrounding Um Phang town. Um Phang is accessible by road from Mae Sot through spectacular mountains
    08:00am. After breakfast, the journey takes 3-4 hours due to the long distance and then we drove through 1219 curves to Umphang
  • On the way, we drop at Thararak Waterfall first
  • Next stop at Phacharoen waterfall
  • 04:00pm. arrive Um Phang City
  • Check in resort
  • Free and easy
  • Overnight Um Phang City

**The trip can change by appropriate**

Day 6: Thi Lor Su Waterfall
  • Thi Lor Su waterfall is the waterfall that well known about it beautiful some said this waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. Thi Lor Su Waterfall is a limestone waterfall with a height of 300 meters and a width of about 500 meters, located in Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, Um Phang District, Tak Province. The waterfall is a stream of water flowing from Huay Cot Thuot through the creek that flows through the steep cliffs. A loud rumbling sound in the rainforest.
  • 08:00am. Breakfast at the resort then meet up with our local guides for briefing and start of the tour.
  • Rafting along the Mae Klong Yai River in inflatable dinghy.
  • Drop off for lunch and bathe at a natural hot spring next to the river.
    Waterfall season:
  • Dry Season (Oct-May) Take 4wd car to Thi Lor Su Waterfall.
  • Rainy Season (June – Sep) Rainy season is more waterfall but it’s more adventure! Trekking for 2-3 hours to Thi Lo Su Waterfall
    *Ask us for more details*
  • Visit Thi Lor Su Waterfall, Thailand’s largest waterfall. enjoying your time to swim and sight-see at this natural wonder hidden deep in the jungle.
  • Just after nightfall at 06:30pm a jungle dinner will be prepared by our local guides. We can provide special meals if required.
  • Sleep in tents at Thi Lor Su camping ground.
  • Overnight camping ground.
Day 7: Thi Lor Su Waterfall
  • After breakfast at the camp then freshen up at Thi Lor Su Waterfall, if you are feeling energetic you can take an adventurous walk to the top of the falls with our local guides.
    Jungle trekking for 3-4 hours from Thi Lor Su waterfall to Kho Tha Karen village.
    Relax at the village, you can take an optional short trek to the very beautiful Kho Tha Waterfall, this waterfall is not visited by many but is well worth a visit.
  • Visit the village school and meet the wonderful children who grow up in this remote part of Thailand.
  • Have dinner and spend the night in the village with a local family in a traditional wooden house.
  • Overnight Homestay
Day 8: Um Phang-Mae Sot
  • After breakfast at the village and say goodbye local people
  • Heading trek through the jungle ending at Mae La Moong which is a junction on the Mae Klong River
    Travel by pick-up truck 4Wd back to Um Phang town
    Now you have chance to take a shower at our guesthouse
    Say goodbye to our local guides
  • Drive back to Mae Sot city
  • 06:00pm. approx., arrive Mae Sot city
  • Check in hotel
  • Overnight Mae Sot
Day 9: Mea Sot- Mae Moei National Park
  • 08:00am. after breakfast
  • Explore and crossing border to Myawaddy Myanmar in morning time
  • Continue to Mae Moei National Park
  • Mae Moei National Park, formerly known as a viewpoint of the sea of mists. “Doi Mae Ramoeng” or known as “Mon Krating” because this area used to be bulls inhabited until there are the hunters came frequently to hunt these bulls. The beauty of the magnificent sea of mists, it has been attracting the tourist visit uninterruptedly here to see the miracle of nature, it becomes the popular tourist attractions. Afterwards, it was announced as a Mae Moei National Park. An interesting remark were following, the viewpoint of the sea of mist, Mon Pui Mok, Mon Kruba Sai and Mon Poonsuda, Mon Kiew Lom or Mon Mae Rameng. The spectacular view and sea of fog is waiting for everyone.
  • 02:30pm. Visit Tham Mae Usu: Situated in Mee Noh Koh Village, Tham Mae Usu is enormous with very high ceiling so the inside is not so dark and well-ventilated. Between summer and cool season is the best time. There are majestic stalagmites and stalactites and a large hole in the west. Thus, the cave looks much more splendid when the sun is shining.
  • 05:00pm. approx., arrive Mae Moei National Park
  • Sunset at Mon Kru Phasai
  • Overnight Mae Moei National Park
Day 10: Mae Moei National Park
  • 05:00am. Visit Mon Kiew Lom the popular viewpoint with tourist as it offers the gorgeous picture of sunrise on top of the fog sea.
  • 08:00am. after breakfast continue trip to Ban Mae Sam Laeb Village
  • Ban Mae Sam Laeb Village located along the banks of the Salween River between borders of Thailand and Myanmar. Tourists can sail with long-tail boat along Salween River to appreciate natural grandeur of both sides of river as well as way of living of Thai and Burmese people along both sides of Salween River.
    After boat trip, along Salween River
  • Straight to Mae Sariang
  • First visit Mae Sariang Museum: Mae Sariang Museum is the culmination of the mixed cultures in the form of a structure with a tall multi-tiered roof design, Mon architectural style. Due to Mae Sariang’s location, near the natural border between Myanmar and Thailand, you will see a touch of Mon’s culture all over the place in Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son province
  • Wat Jong Soong More than a hundred years old, Wat Jong Soong’s well-preserved Mon-style pagodas are quite a sight to behold. One of the most popular things to do in Mae Sariang for Thais is to visit the 3 “Chom” temples for blessings. They called it the 3 “Chom” temples because the names of the 3 temples I will list here starts with Chom and all 3 temples are built on top of 3 different high hills that surrounded Mae Sariang, making them excellent viewpoints to see the town from 3 different angles.
    One of the first Chom temples is the Wat Chom Thong which is nearest to the town center and I recommend you visit this in the morning when the sun is still bearable. you can walk to the top for a stunning view of Mae Sariang and all its rice fields and mountains surrounding it…
    Located across the great river Yuam, you will also find another “Chom” temple, this time it’s the Wat Phrathat Chom Mon which offers another great viewpoint of Mae Sariang from across the river.
    Last but not least, Wat Chom Kitti, which is located south of Mae Sariang Town offers another great view of the Mae Sariang landscape and the more rural areas of the town.
  • Take a break at Mitmaitre Coffee shop
  • Dinner at evening walking street
  • Local night life
  • Overnight Mae Sariang

**The trip can change by appropriate**

Day 11: Mae Sariang-Ban Pa Pong Piang
  • After breakfast, should we go
  • First visit Thung Bua Tong Doi Mae Ho Blooming in the period from November to December, these wild flowers, called Buatong in the northern dialect, look exactly like sunflowers but are much smaller
  • On the way, we can add on attraction
  • Thep Phanom Hot Spring
  • Continue to Ban Pa Pong Piang Rice Terraces are one of the most photogenic spots in Thailand. Ban Pa Pong Piang (sometimes spelt as Pa Pong Pieng) is a little hamlet of rolling rice terraces nestled in the mountains of Doi Inthanon national park
  • Check in Homestay
  • Overnight Ban Pa Pong Piang, Mae Chaem District
Day 12: Mae Chaem District- Doi Inthanon- Chiang-Mai
  • 07:00am. After breakfast, should we go Thailand’s highest mountain which is 2,565 meters above sea level.
  • 08:00am. Visit Doi Inthanon national park has lots of amazing variation in its lush geography and forest. It is home to rainforest, mixed forest, and pine forest. The weather is cool throughout the year, especially in the cool season when there will be almost constant fog coverage all day and a stunning phenomenon of Mae Kha Ning or frost flower in the early morning.
  • 09:30am. Hiking on the Roof of Thailand at Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail is without a doubt the most popular trail in Doi Inthanon National Park.
  • 12:00pm. The two Royal Chedis, one is called Naphamethinidon, which means ‘by the strength of the land and air’. It was built in honor of the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX in 1987. The second is called Naphaphonphumisiri, meaning ‘being the strength of the air and the grace of the land’. This chedi was built in honor of the 60th birthday of Queen Sirikit in 1992. These two chedis are very popular with local tourists and offer fine views of the mountains.
  • We can have lunch nearby
  • Vachirathan Waterfall
  • Back to Chiang Mai
    Check in hotel
  • Leisure
  • Overnight Chiang Mai
Day 13: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai
  • The elephants of Thailand are famous all over the world, and there’s no better way to truly have a memorable experience with these gentle giants than a visit to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. Spend a fulfilling day at Chiang Mai Mountain Sanctuary for an opportunity of a lifetime! and head inside for an experience you’ll never forget! Together with a small and intimate group, learn about these fantastic creatures, and how to care for them! Get a chance to make their food, groom them in a natural mud bath, and even go on a trek into the mountains, plus get a chance to learn about the elephants’ daily lives. Your day will end with a trek to a nearby river, where you can get the chance to give the lovely animals a refreshing bath, before heading back to Chiang Mai. The best part? The sanctuary is absolutely cruelty free which means no chains, no hooks, and no riding; just lots of love to give these animals all year round the perfect way to interact with elephants!
  • 07:00am. Start the day with a pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai, then drive for an hour to the sanctuary, nestled in the jungles of Northern Chiang Mai.
  • Once you arrive at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, meet your guide and walk for 10-15 minutes through the Jungle to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Change into traditional Karen clothing. Enjoy an introductory lesson about elephant anatomy, history, and behavior
  • Meet the elephants. Feed, interact, and play with the elephants in a natural environment as you learn about their behavior and history. Take photos with the elephants.
  • Enjoy a lunch of traditional Thai food and fresh fruit.
  • Learn how to make herbal medicine balls, feed the Elephants and then walk with the elephants to the river. Bathe and brush the elephants.
    Join the elephants for a therapeutic mud spa. Swim in the river and take photos with the elephants.
  • Change clothes and say good bye to the elephants
  • Leave the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and drive approximately 1.5 hours to Chiang Mai.
  • Drop at hotel in Chiang Mai
  • Free and easy
  • Overnight Chiang Mai
Day 14: Chiang Mai City Tour and Mon Jam
  • Discover the wonders of Chiang Mai and exploring the beautiful Mon Jam valley
  • 08:00am. Depart Chiang Mai and travel to the temple of Wat Phra That
    Doi Suthep on Doi Suthep mountain. Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims who climb up 309 steps to the stupa on the hilltop. Get spectacular views of Chiang Mai city and its surroundings.
  • After that continue to admire the beauty of nature, the wind and sunlight on a height of about 1,350 meters at Mon Jam from the decaying mountain from shifting agriculture. He is bald. It was restored in the year 2527 along the royal administration until it became one of the most beautiful mountains near Chiang Mai city. Take you to take a photo at Mon Jam Skywalk, a viewpoint, a highlight that must not be missed. Including a bamboo bridge that is more than 100 meters long, giving you the freedom to capture every molecule atmosphere the best air in the lungs enjoy the flower fields of the city Of Chiang Mai Every winter, flowers bloom very beautifully, which is the best time for traveling to Chiang Mai.
  • Optional Tour: Tiger Kingdom
    Chiang Mai’s Tiger Kingdom is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with adolescent tigers and baby cubs. You can do everything from bottle-feeding the baby tigers to bravely posing with and petting the big guys.
    Back to hotel
  • 06:00pm. Have A Traditional Khantoke Dinner: Experience Lanna dining with “Khantoke” or “Toke”, a round rattan tray, serving various kinds of authentic northern Thai dishes and national Thai food. As you enjoy the tasty food, you will be entertained by spectacular and fabulous classical dances from northern Thailand and from around the nation.
  • 08:30pm. Back to hotel
  • Overnight Chiang Mai
Day 15: Chiang Mai- Mae Kampong Village- Chiang Mai Airport(CNX)
  • Ban Mae Kampong Village “Visit Very Lovely Village with Green Scenery
  • 08:00am. After check out hotel heading to Ban Mae Kampong It is a village that produces coffee and tea as the main occupation. Especially the tea that the villagers took It was made into local products such as tea leaf pillows for sale. A small village in the valley where the villagers live Living together simply and a homestay-style eco-tourism in Chiang Mai at the tourists Popular to travel continuously and then take everyone to visit the Terrace View coffee shop. Popular coffee shop in Mae Kampong village, everyone who come to Mae Kampong village must not miss this shop. Because this shop has a cool photo corner That can see the view of Mae Kampong village as well
  • Visit the Kantha Phruksa Temple or Mae Kampong Temple at this temple that has an overwater chapel It is an old and peaceful temple. With ancient Lanna architecture There is a temple made of teak wood and the whole house is carved in exquisite patterns. And is also a temple of Mae Kampong village
  • Lunch at the restaurant on Mae Kampong
  • Continue to San kamphaeng Road, also known as the ‘Handicraft Highway’ a 10km stretch of road where you will find outlets famous for their pottery, silverware, lacquerware, sculpting, wood carving and silk products. The area is especially famous for its pottery which is known as Celadon, it has a green glaze which in turn makes it look like Jade, there are several outlets on this road where you can pick these up. Not many know but Chiang Mai is famous for some of the best silverware in Thailand
  • Back to Chiang Mai Airport return flight home safe and sound
  • End of trip

**The trip can change by appropriate**

Inclusive Of
✅Private tour as indicated in itinerary
✅14 nights’ accommodation with ABF as indicated in itinerary
✅Experienced Driver Guide English Speaking
✅All admission fees and tickets as indicated in itinerary
✅National Park entrance fees
✅All transfers and taxes
✅Reliable Services

Not Inclusive Of
❌Surcharge single supplement THB 1,000/night/room
❌Optional tour
❌Tour Guide (optional add on)
❌Items of a personal nature
❌Meals: Lunch, Dinner
❌Any services non-mentioned in the itinerary

  • For children, less than 4 years old will be Free of charge
  • For children 4-11 years old we charge 75% of adult price
  • For children over 11 years old we charge normal price

We believe that our clients should have the freedom to determine their own food preferences, styles and tastes, so we do not pre-arrange meals at pre-set restaurants in case we guess wrong. Instead, we want to listen to you first before recommending what we feel to be the best restaurant for you.

Day 1: Overnight Nakornsawan @ Hop Inn Nakornsawan 
Day 2: Overnight Sukhothai @ Ruean Thai Hotel
Day 3: Overnight Campsite on Ramkhamhaeng National Park
Day 4: Overnight Maesot, Tak @ B2 Mae Sot Premier Hotel
Day 5: Overnight Um Phang City @ Umphang Hill Resot
Day 6: Overnight Thi Lor Su Camping ground on Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary
Day 7: Overnight Karen village homestay on Package
Day 8: Overnight Maesot, Tak @ B2 Mae Sot Premier Hotel
Day 9: Overnight Campsite on Mae Moei National Park
Day 10: Overnight Mae Sariang @ Riverhouse Hotel (The Teak House)
Day 11: Overnight Ban Pa Pong Piang, @ Baan Rabiang Na 
Day 12: Overnight Chiang Mai @ Cheeva Dee Hotel
Day 13: Overnight Chiang Mai @ Cheeva Dee Hotel
Day 14: Overnight Chiang Mai @ Cheeva Dee Hotel

✅Trip is a private tour with a driver English speaking and vehicle provided
✅Trip Inclusive of Accommodation with breakfast 14 Nights
✅Trip Inclusive of all admission fees and tickets as indicated in itinerary
❌Trip not Inclusive of Meal, Alcoholic drinks, Activities, Optional tour
❌Tour Guide available upon request (English/Chinese) THB2,500/DAY


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