5D4N Itinerary Khao Kho Free & Easy

5D4N Itinerary Khao Kho Free & Easy



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5D4N itinerary Khao Kho Free&Easy In Khao Kho you may harvest strawberries on your own, tent in the top of the mountains and drink in the cascades. Khao Kho is the perfect destination for cold and scenic hiking. The Thais enjoy this location, although the common tourist is still relatively unknown.
Take a peek at the summit of Phu Thap Boek Mountain during the campground and witness the most amazing sunrise out of your Tent. Visit Wat Prathat Phasornkaew, or go through Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park to witness the five million mosaic tiles. A boat tour along the River Khek brings you in their natural environment via wildlife, a Buddhist Temple and a butterfly refuge.

A Need to Check out!!! “Khao Kho’s night’s stay adds up to your life a year.”
Amazing view Wat Prathat Phasornkaew, one of Thailand’s most distinguished temples. Phu Thap Boek Viewpoint Wonders of the Pino Latte Coffee, Blue Sky Four Seasons Garden, and exquisite pastries @ Tanrak Talaymok, the Thung Salaeng Luang National Park, a savannah environment, SUNSET Overlooking the huge hand of the mountain @ Phukaew Peak, close wonderful views Take a boat journey to one location in Thailand, Sunset @ Kao Takhian Ngo, Bang Rachan Islet, to observe Fresh Water Jelly Fish and Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Lopburi Sunflower Field (Available Nov-Dec)
Phu Lom Lo (Cherry Blossom Blooming on Dec-Jan)



Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival Bangkok-Khao Kho

  • Arrival Bangkok Airport(DMK/BKK) with the earliest flights
  • Meet and greeting at meeting point arrival hall
  • 10:00am. approx., Depart to Khao Kho
  • Lopburi Sunflower field (Available Nov-Dec): Sunflowers blossom in Lopburi starting in November. Fields of tall, brilliant yellow flowers reach out against a mountain backdrop. Here’s where you can take the ideal Instagram selfie. This is a fantastic photo opportunity
  • 12:30pm. Have lunch Tong’au Cafe & Restaurant: A cafe in the midst of the lake. Combining simplicity with a Balinese beach bar atmosphere. There are several photo perspectives to pick from, including interior and outdoor zones. Hot and cold beverages, freshly brewed coffee, meals, and sweets are all available.
  • Continue to Khao Kho
  • Wat Pha Sorn Kaew: One of Thailand’s most unique temples, has Buddha figures that make you question if you’re hallucinating, as well as a brilliant mosaic that demonstrates Antoni Gaud’s ability to combine Buddhist arts. Khao Kho is also awash with beautiful blooms throughout the winter months.
  • Pino Latte Café: You may also sample amazing drinks and delectable sweets. The breathtaking vista of Khao Kho is another selling element. Wat Pha Son Kaew is well seen. With so many photo angles to choose from, I’m sure I’ll be able to sit here for hours without getting bored. Where are, the lovely flowers lining up to gaze up at the sky, which is so bright?
  • Check in hotel in Khao Kho
  • Dinner @ local Thai food restaurant
  • Overnight Khao Kho

Day 2: Khao Kho- Phu Tub Berk

  • 04:00am. pick up from your hotel in Khao Kho
  • Heading to Phu Tub Berk
  • 05:30am. approx., arrive Phu Tub Berk enjoy your time viewpoint with sunrise: The most beautiful spots to witness the sea of mist, Phu Tub Berk serves the sea of mist with the largest cabbage field.
  • However, you can have breakfast here
  • Explore cabbage field and view point around Phu Tub Berk
  • Take Rainbow Thai noodle for lunch (pay by self)
  • Back to Khao Kho
  • Visit The Bluesky Garden: Is known as The Seasons or the Four Seasons Garden. The garden is about 30 rai in size and is split into four seasonal sections: Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. Each section is nicely designed and has flowers planted in it. From the route around the garden, there are several opportunities to capture great photographs. Each season brings a new crop of vibrant blooms to the garden. and cool fountains adorning a number of locations
  • Phukaew Peak: A Sunset with panoramic view on the mountains’ gigantic hand
  • Dinner @ Local Thai Food Restaurant
  • Back to hotel
  • Overnight Khao Kho

Day 3: Khao Kho

  • 08:00am. After breakfast check out for Bangkok
  • Visit Tanrak Talaymok in the morning, with a close view of a sea of cloud. There is a large garden with many flowers. This is a great location to unwind. They’ve deliberately placed Instagram-worthy places where you can snap a lot of stunning photographs and have a wonderful time while learning new things.
  • Strawberry Farms: The first thing you should do when vacationing in Khao Kho is pick your own fresh strawberries. Because to the chilly temperature and pristine environment, Khao Kho has an abundance of strawberry farms. The ideal months to visit are November through February.
  • Kanchanapisek Pagoda: A holy site with a calm and inviting environment. Pay your respects to the sacred artifacts within for a life of peace.
  • Wind Turbine Khao Kho: At Khao Kho Wind Field, you may see a unique panorama of a strawberry farm with 100-meter-tall windmills in the background. The tourists may ride a tram to get a closer look at each windmill and visit strawberry and cabbage fields. At GB farm, there is also a lovely flower field. This location offers a range of local attractions, including the “Hmong Formula” wooden vehicle and the “Hmong Giant Swing.”
  • Sri Dit Waterfall is a single-level waterfall with streams flowing through the cliff and rock layers, looking like curtains of waterfall. There is a large basin on the ground level where visitors can play in the water. However, during the rainy season, you should be very careful because streams strongly and extremely flow. It is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of nature and experience unbelievable historical attractions.
  • Thung Salaeng Luang National Park: In Thailand, a savannah landscape! Thung Salaeng Luang National Park, which is dotted with pine trees and flowers that bloom from October to December, is a stunning savannah in and of itself, filled with animals. Simply drive to Sala Dusita viewpoint for a glimpse of the woodland below shrouded in mist. For the elderly and those with mobility issues, this is the ideal alternative. Take a stroll through the pine forest when the sun is totally over the horizon and marvel at the golden sunshine beaming through.
  • Take a boat ride @ Bang Rachan Islet only one place in Thailand to see Fresh Water Jelly Fish Bang Rachan is a large rock islet that stretches over 300 meters. It is fed by the Keg Stream and is home to freshwater jellyfish, which are only seen once a year and only on this Thai islet. Around March-May each year, the Forest Lover Club of Nong Mae Na organizes an eco-tourism activity named “Pai Rue Tong Pa Tam Ha Mangkraprun Num Jeud” or “Row the Boat, Tour the Forest in Search of Fresh Water Jelly
  • Sunset @ Khao Takhian Ngo.” At the viewpoint, there is a designated area for adventurous travellers to pitch their tents and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere during the day and night; imagine yourself lying on the ground, savoring the precious moment under an ocean of softly sparkling stars, and then waking up when the sun shines to refresh you. Isn’t it incredible?
  • Dinner @ Local Thai Food Restaurant
  • Back to hotel
  • Overnight Khao Kho

Day 4: Khao Kho-Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

  • 08:00am. pick up from hotel in Khao Kho
  • Story Cup by Coffee Hill
  • 10:00am. approx., arrive Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park
    In Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park there are a few unique views, but Lan Hin Pum must be the most peculiar. Lan Hin Pum is a rocky plain surrounded by lumpy, erosion-made stones on top of a mountain. It’ll become much more unforgettable if you include the view of the early mist from Lan Hin Pum. National Park Phu Hin Rong Kla is rich in history since the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT) headquarters was built in the 20th century. The area of the National Park contains ancient buildings and a museum.
  • Optional: Sakura Thailand @ Phu Lom Lo (Wild Himalayan Cherry Blooming 25 DEC-10 JAN) Located at 1,664 meters’ sea level and covering an area over 480 acres covered by Cherry wilderness trees, Phu Lom Lo is located in Phu Hin-Rong Kla National Park, a mountain at the frontier with three provinces: Pisanulok, Petchaboon and Loei, Pancholom. This area is now Thailand’s biggest area. Around December to February, Wild Himalayan Cherry blooms just once a year, depending upon the conditions.The local transportation to Phu lom Lo (1000-1,500/Car) is available @Mai Rong Kla Village).
  • Back to Khao Kho
  • Route 12 Café 12: Atmosphere coffee cafe, lovely landscape on the way. The shop front seems like a small shop
  • Dinner @ Local Thai Food Restaurant
  • Overnight Khao Kho

Day 5: Khao Kho-Bangkok

  • 08:00am. after breakfast check out hotel
  • Visit B.N. Farm You will pass by one stretch of bamboo “forest” before reaching the place, it will be nice if you stop and have a picture. The place isn’t that huge, it is like a mini market which sold all the vegetables and fruits. Try the ice-cream and bought lychee jam. There is also nursery where you can visit
  • Coffee break @ 9 Tamarind Cafe by Nine Phetchabun Farm, Is an Instagram cafe with nice decor restaurant, original snack and drinks. Super friendly staffs. Must buy and try tamarind snack from they shop. The soda tamarind vinegar honey must try.
  • Lunch @Bua Tong Grilled Chicken is a well-known northeastern Thai restaurant in Phetchabun with a popular menu that includes grilled chicken prepared using the shop’s special recipe of fermenting herbs such as lemongrass, garlic, onion, and fresh milk to add sweetness and make the chicken more tender and smooth. They also roast the chicken over charcoal to increase flavor, and serve it with delectable dipping sauces made with chili, garlic, and other spices. In addition, the restaurant serves delectable northeastern delicacies including papaya salad, spicy minced pork salad, and boiling pig ribs, all of which are served with braised rice to enhance the flavor.
  • Straight to Bangkok
  • 06:00pm.approx., arrive Bangkok
  • Drop of Bangkok Airport for return flight home or drop your hotel may have extended stay in Bangkok
  • End of trip safe and sound

**The trip can change by appropriate**

These itineraries can be starting from hotel in Bangkok on 08:00am.
These itineraries will be planned flight timings
The earliest flights flying from your country to Bangkok arrival morning time. using the default estimation that you’ll depart from Don Mueang Airport(DMK) or Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) by 10am. You may customize these itineraries according to your flight timings/preferences.

Inclusive Of
✅ Free airport transfer service 2 ways (Airport-Hotel-Airport)
✅ Private car and Experienced Driver Guide English Speaking
✅ Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Bangkok, Khaokho
✅ All admission fees and tickets as indicated in itinerary
✅ Private tour as indicated in itinerary
✅ All transfers and taxes
✅ Reliable Services

Not Inclusive Of
❌ Trip Not included Accommodation in Khao Kho (booking by self or need to help available upon request)
❌Optional tour
❌Items of a personal nature
❌Meals, lunch, dinner
❌Soft drinks or other refreshments during local tours
❌Tips or Gratuities to guide & driver
❌Any services non-mentioned in the itinerary

  • For children, less than 4 years old will be Free of charge
  • For children 4-11 years old we charge 75% of adult price
  • For children over 11 years old we charge normal price

We believe that our clients should have the freedom to determine their own food preferences, styles and tastes, so we do not pre-arrange meals at pre-set restaurants in case we guess wrong. Instead, we want to listen to you first before recommending what we feel to be the best restaurant for you.

✅ Trip is a private tour with a driver English speaking and vehicle provided
✅ Trip Inclusive of all admission fees and tickets as indicated in itinerary
❌ Trip NOT Inclusive of Accommodation in Khaokho (need to help Booking available upon request)
❌ Trip NOT Inclusive of Alcoholic drinks, Activities, Optional tour, Personal expenses
❌ Tour Guide available upon request (English/Chinese) THB2,500/DAY


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